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01 Nov 2022
RD (or Raia Drogasil) is the largest drugstore company in Latin America by revenue and market capitalization. With headquarters in So Paulo, RD has more than 2,500 stores in 24 Brazilian states. ... Read More


26 Oct 2022
With 60,000 buildings under management the UK National Health Service (NHS) is one of the worlds largest healthcare organisations. Noting that air conditioning and refrigeration can account for over ... Read More


08 Apr 2022
When we claim that COOLNOMIX® is BIG ENERGY what we mean is that our technology delivers 30% average energy savings and improved temperature stability on ANY compressor/refrigerant-based ... Read More


18 Feb 2022
We are grateful to Electrical Mechanical Cooling Ltd. (EMC) our European distribution partners for their achievement in bringing our world beating COOLNOMIX® energy saving technology to the attention ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® in Banking: Celebrating 5 years in reducing HSBC cooling costs across Asia

11 Feb 2022
In 2015 through the good offices of Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) we were pleased to run two air-conditioning energy saving pilot trials at Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) sites in Hong ... Read More

COOLNOMIX®: Shedding light on the value of air-conditioning energy savings

20 Jan 2022
Put simply, COOLNOMIX® with air-conditioning can deliver almost 3 times the energy and cost savings compared with switching to LED lighting. The economics are compelling. The great news is that LEDs ... Read More


11 Jan 2022
We launched as a British designed and Hong Kong developed air-conditioning energy and carbon footprint reduction technology in 2012. In operation COOLNOMIX® works with each aircon manufacturers ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® - Breaking the Ice with a new Freezer Technology

07 Jan 2022
With more than 20,000 COOLNOMIX® air-conditioning and refrigeration systems in operation many of our distribution partners in 36 countries worldwide have been requesting an energy and carbon footprint ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® - The Road Forward

15 Nov 2021
Since its launch in 2012 COOLNOMIX® has developed an enviable reputation as an internationally patented retrofit solution for energy and carbon footprint reduction in cooling systems. With 30% average ... Read More

Fixed Line Network Provider 28% Energy Saving with Massive Recurring Carbon Footprint Reduction

12 Apr 2021
An energy audit company led COOLNOMIX® pilot program achieved 28% energy savings with Daikin air-conditioning units during a long-term pilot with a large telecom provider in Hong Kong. Building on ... Read More


01 Mar 2021
American Technology Inc. (ATI), a leading high-tech retail organisation in the Philippines is positioning for an energy-saving rebound from the current pandemic related economic downturn. With some ... Read More


24 Feb 2021
With COOLNOMIX® being used on more and more cooling systems as an energy saving tool around the world, our design team has designed a new chip that can monitor and control COOLNOMIX® as well as upgrade ... Read More


09 Jun 2020
The management at a large rice storage company were both delighted and concerned when COOLNOMIX® units reduced the cooling energy demand in their warehouses by an average of 80%. The situation is ... Read More

COOLNOMIX®: An HVAC Tool that Delivers

01 Mar 2020
COOLNOMIX® is being used worldwide as an energy optimisation tool, with average energy savings of 30% or more. However, COOLNOMIX® also helps HVAC operations people in dealing with a serious issue seen in ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® reduces air-conditioning energy consumption by 19% in a large municipal central archive facility

25 Feb 2020
We are grateful to Pactive Sustainable Solutions, a Dubai-based energy management consultancy for their work in delivering a successful COOLNOMIX® proof of concept energy efficiency project for a United ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® delivers a 24.5% UPS room energy-saving with a national airline

20 Feb 2020
We are grateful to ICOPOWER-ESCO for carrying out a successful Daikin energy-saving proof of concept (PoC) trial in a UPS room owned by a national airline. The PoC took place between 24 January 2020 ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® reduces air-conditioning energy by 29% in a large Wendy's restaurant outlet

26 Nov 2019
Blue Power Technologies our distribution partners in El Salvador recently achieved an impressive29% energy savingin a 2019 pilot trialwith Wendy's, a leading fast food restaurant chain. These results ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® delivers 32% energy savings with a major fast-food chain in Colombia

16 Nov 2019
We are grateful toFractal Energia Renovable S.A.S., our COOLNOMIX® distribution partner in Colombia for their work in delivering an impressive32% energy-savingin a pilot trial with Pollos Frisby, ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® delivers 32% energy savings in high temperature Taiwan Mobile company base stations

07 Nov 2019
We are proud to report anothersuccess story from our distributor Ecolifestyle Taiwan with Taiwan Mobile Company, one of four mobile telecom operators in Taiwan, where it is the second ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® - 39.3% Saving with the World's Favorite Fast-Food Restaurant Group

29 Sep 2019
We are grateful to our distribution partner E3Brasil for delivering a remarkable air-conditioning energy saving result with McDonald's, the world's favourite fast-food restaurant group during pilot ... Read More

Finding Kindred Spirits in the Quest to Avoid Global Warming

28 Aug 2019
Finding Kindred Spirits in the Quest to Avoid GlobalWarming With COOLNOMIX® we are proud of our track record over the last 7 years in delivering average energy savings of 30% on all kinds of ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® CONNECT®: A Game Changing Combination of Live Energy Saving Results to Customers and a Wake-Up Call on Energy Wastage in Cooling Systems

20 Jun 2019
Noting that air conditioning is one of the greatest contributors to global warming (see we are pleased to launch COOLNOMIX® CONNECTas our contribution ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® delivers 35% energy savings with the Philippine’s largest property company.

15 Jun 2019
Ayala Corporation is the Philippine's oldest and largest conglomerate. The company has a portfolio of diverse business interests, including investments in retail, education, real estate, banking, ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® and Big Bazaar. Energy Savings in India's Largest Department Stores.

01 Jun 2019
Following two successful energy-saving pilots in 2018,Big BazaarIndias largest and most prestigious retail chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores is now rolling ... Read More

COOLNOMIX®: 25.6% Energy Savings in an Athens based Megastore

23 May 2019
Kotsovolos (ό) is the leading electrical retail chain in Greece and a subsidiary of Dixons Carphone, Europe's leading specialist electrical and telecommunications retailer. Kotsovolos operates 103 ... Read More

The National Bank of Greece. 30% plus COOLNOMIX®® Energy Savings under a Hot Mediterranean Sun.

20 May 2019
Founded in 1841, The National Bank of Greece (NBG) is a global banking and financial services company with its headquarters in Athens, Greece. In common with many banking organisations NBG are ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® is proud of its contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

10 Nov 2018
The United Nations have produced a call to action in support of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG - see We are proud to ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® with steam irons? An unlikely combination

25 Aug 2018
Well, the fact is that COOLNOMIX® does not save energy with steam irons but these provide the backdrop to one of the most challenging environments we have ever encountered. The setting is a large ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® in Retail. Delivering 16.3% energy savings on large package based air conditioning units in Bangalore.

28 Jul 2018
A subsidiary of Future Retail Group, Big Bazaar is a premier hypermarket and department store brand with over 250 outlets in more than 120 cities and towns across India. To establish comfortable ... Read More

Going for GOLD. COOLNOMIX® sparkles with Tanishq Jewelry and Toshiba UTC inverter based air-conditioning units.

13 Jul 2018
We are pleased to continue our overview of COOLNOMIX® India based successes, this time with a high end jewelry story. With over 150 outlets, Tanishq is a household name in India with a reputation ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® goes medical. Reducing energy costs at a world class neurological hospital

04 Jul 2018
During this month of July we thought we would celebrate some of the great COOLNOMIX® successes achieved by Agile8 and our distribution partners in India. The Citi Neuro Centre (CNC) in Hyderabad has ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® keeps gamers cool, reduces running costs for i-One Café in Hong Kong

29 Jun 2018
With 11 Internet gaming sites across Hong Kong i-One Cafe were looking for a solution that would keep their gamers cool while reducing running costs. Happily, Smartvote Limited responded to the ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® and the Crossroads Foundation. Reducing Operating Costs to Alleviate Poverty

15 Jun 2018
In the hustle and bustle of everyday business life it is easy to forget the essential work needed to support those who are less well off in this world. With this in mind one of the most satisfying ... Read More

Energy Optimization versus Energy Savings. The COOLNOMIX® advantage is in having two sensors

28 May 2018
We are often asked about the difference between energy optimization and energy savings in air conditioning and refrigeration and the answer is quite simple. Energy optimization should have a first ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® in Refrigeration. 23% Energy Savings and Protecting Food Safety at Asia’s Number One Water Park

12 Apr 2018
Waterbom in Bali has an enviable reputation as a fun watersport destination in Indonesia. In addition to keeping their customers cool Environmental Responsibility is high on their agenda, with over ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® in Banking. ANZ FIJI Trial Delivers 51.1% Electricity Saving in an ATM Room

12 Apr 2018
With business operations across Asia and the Middle East, the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. As part of this commitment ANZ in ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® in Banking - A New Kind of Savings Account

20 Mar 2018
We are delighted to confirm that over the last 2 years we have been equipping air conditioning systems at Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) outlets in Asia with our unique, ... Read More

Major Brazil drugstore chain goes green with COOLNOMIX®

22 Sep 2017
Building on the COOLNOMIX® energy saving success with the MANNINGS drugstore chain in Hong Kong we are delighted that our distribution partners E3Brasil are helping with a similar pharmacy energy ... Read More

Lights, Camera, Action! COOLNOMIX® at the movies delivers a 32% energy saving in the Philippines

29 Aug 2017
With 21 integrated urban township developments across the Philippines Megaworld Corporation is the leading real estate developer, the largest landlord and the country's No. 1 provider of business ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® in Japan: 39.8% Energy Savings with Nippon Comsys Corporation

16 Aug 2017
Nippon Comsys Corporation (Comsys), the largest organization within the JPY 270Bn COMSYS Holdings Corporation Group, is Japan's premier telecom engineering, equipment construction and installation ... Read More

Taiwan Mobile Goes Green With COOLNOMIX®

08 Aug 2017
With 7,800 mobile cellular base stations Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd., is a leading telecommunications company in Taiwan. Recognized as one of the most admired and trusted enterprises in Taiwan, the ... Read More

US Patent Granted, Optimized Refrigerant Supply

21 Jun 2017
Anybody who has had involvement in patenting inventions will know how time-consuming a job this can be...And so, at last, we're delighted to advise that the national grant of the US filing of our ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® wins NZ Government funding

18 Nov 2016
COOLNOMIX® customers in New Zealand are now eligible to receive NZ Government funding of up to NZ$100,000 as a grant towards the cost of deployment. This Government funding recognition the second we ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® in the news

01 Nov 2016
COOLNOMIX® is featured in Climate Control News (CCN), an Australian based independent magazine covering important issues affecting the air-conditioning and refrigeration sector. COOLNOMIX® has been ... Read More

Kigali Agreement: how COOLNOMIX® will enhance it

20 Oct 2016
A new milestone in the fight against climate change has been reached last week in Kigali, Rwanda, and COOLNOMIX® can make it even more powerful. Delegates from 197 countries from all over the world ... Read More

How COOLNOMIX® can meet and surpass Clean Energy Ministerial’s goals

15 Jun 2016
In early June 2016, Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) launched campaigns designed to implement UN COP21 goals published in December 2015. At the heart of this work is the adoption of better energy ... Read More

US Department of Defense deploys COOLNOMIX®

17 May 2016
COOLNOMIX® has been deployed at US DOD facilities in Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling and Fort Bliss. This follows COOLNOMIX® s winning entry into the US DODs Environmental Security Technology ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® is a finalist in the 2016 H&V News Awards

18 Jan 2016
Were delighted to announce that COOLNOMIX® has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious 2016 HV News Awards. The HV News Awards is an annual celebration of excellence, forward thinking and the ... Read More

Agile8’s India Office Up and Running

26 Dec 2015
As part of our drive to establish COOLNOMIX® as a worldwide brand, we have opened our first overseas office, in India. Agile8 Energy Savings India Pvt Ltd is now up and running, headquartered in ... Read More

COP21: how COOLNOMIX® can transform negotiations

11 Dec 2015
Negotiators from 196 countries are trying to reach a deal at the climate change conference in Paris to curb global warming. A draft deal was reached [week ending Dec 5, 2015] but key issues still ... Read More

頂好Wellcome deploys COOLNOMIX® in 25% of their supermarkets across Taiwan

04 Nov 2015
頂好Wellcome ( has deployed COOLNOMIX® on all their air-conditioners in 25% of their supermarkets across Taiwan; this has involved the installation of 400 COOLNOMIX® units in 64 ... Read More

COOLNOMIX®: three years on

23 Oct 2015
We launched COOLNOMIX® in October 2012. As we near the third anniversary, it is time to mark progress. COOLNOMIX® is now being marketed and installed in more than 30 countries world-wide and continues ... Read More

COOLNOMIX®: winner of Royal Bank of Scotland competition

13 Aug 2015
Under the stewardship of Peace Marsh Renewables (see and, COOLNOMIX® is one of 7 winners out of 107 submissions to Royal Bank of Scotlands (RBS) ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® selected for US Government ESTCP

22 Jul 2015
COOLNOMIX® has been selected by the US Department of Defense for entry into their prestigious 2015 Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP). From several hundred submissions to ... Read More

ASM Pacific Technology: saving money and improving green credentials with COOLNOMIX®

10 Jun 2015
ASM Pacific Technology ( is a world-leader in the provision of high technology automation solutions for the global microelectronics industry. And theyre a company that takes their ... Read More

COOLNOMIX®: Recognized in the state of Massachusetts, USA

05 Jun 2015
Were delighted to report COOLNOMIX® has been recognized in the state of Massachusetts, USA through the work of our partner CoolGreenPower ( The Massachusetts Clean Energy ... Read More

COOLNOMIX®: Winner of Green Innovations Award

18 May 2015
COOLNOMIX® has been recognized through a Green Innovations Award, an environmental excellence scheme run by Hong Kong Governments Environmental Campaign Committee ( The Green ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® achieves ETL certification

16 Mar 2015
Were pleased to announce COOLNOMIX® has achieved another certification milestone with completion of testing against the North American electrical safety standard ETL ... Read More

SANOFI: saving money and improving green credentials with COOLNOMIX®

09 Mar 2015
Sanofi Australia New Zealand (, an affiliate of the global healthcare company Sanofi, who provides a range of essential healthcare products and services is a signatory to the ... Read More

COOLNOMIX®: 42% energy savings in 7-Eleven store in Malaysia

16 Oct 2014
COOLNOMIX® has delivered an average 42% energy savings on four Daikin air-conditioners in a 7-Eleven store across a 3 months test period in Malaysia through the deployment of 4 x COOLNOMIX® ... Read More

Climate Summit 2014: How COOLNOMIX® Can Help

24 Sep 2014
The Climate Summit 2014, organised by the UN, is the largest ever gathering of world leaders to address what the UN has warned are the severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts of climate change on ... Read More

The False Economy of Undersized AC Units

14 Jul 2014
We commonly hear of the practice of deploying under-sized air-conditioners from numerous partners around the world, particularly in places where the cost of electricity is high. This is an utterly ... Read More

200 COOLNOMIX® Units for Hutchison Global Communications

09 Jul 2014
We continue to achieve great results in Hong Kong with the adoption of COOLNOMIX® to deliver unrivalled energy and cost savings on air-conditioners our average energy and cost savings on ... Read More

More Than 40% Savings at Woodland Pre-Schools

26 Jun 2014
Were grateful to Woodland Pre-Schools (, a leading provider of pre-school education in Hong Kong, for agreeing to the publication of this Case Study about energy savings ... Read More

87 COOLNOMIX® Units Deployed in Hong Kong Office Building

22 Jun 2014
We continue to achieve great results in Hong Kong with the adoption of COOLNOMIX® to deliver unrivalled energy and cost savings on air-conditioners our average energy and cost savings on ... Read More

30% Savings! COOLNOMIX® in the News - Yamsaard School Thailand

07 Mar 2014
Following a deployment of COOLNOMIX® on 64 Daikin air-conditioners in Yamsaard School, Hua Hin, Thailand, its success in the school has been reported by the local press, in Huan Hin Today. The ... Read More

Reducing Electricity Consumption by 30%, HK3030 and COOLNOMIX®

27 Aug 2013
The Hong Kong Green Building Council has set an ambitious target of reducing by 30% the absolute consumption of electricity used in buildings by 2030 as compared to 2005 levels. The campaign has ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® Refrigeration Case Study: >24% Savings

19 Aug 2013
Were grateful to Shine and Shine (, a Hong Kong-based fresh fruit juice manufacturer, for agreeing to the publication of this Case Study about energy savings delivered by COOLNOMIX® ... Read More

COOLNOMIX® now has a Brand-New POLY4 Architecture with a Broader Temperature Range

22 Jul 2013
With COOLNOMIX® POLY4 we have extended the range our AC-01 air conditioning and AR-01 refrigeration units from 4 to 16 temperature settings. Now, these COOLNOMIX® fixed temperature commercial versions ... Read More

SANOFI Australia - COOLNOMIX® Delivers Savings of 17% in a Business Critical Environment

06 Jun 2013
For SANOFI, a leading global integrated pharmaceuticals and healthcare provider COOLNOMIX® delivered a 17% energy saving with with a state-of-the-art, business critical LIEBERT computer room air ... Read More

47% Energy Saving: COOLNOMIX® in McDonald's Australia - Sydney

06 Jun 2013
COOLNOMIX® , the world's leading energy control system has delivered a sizzling 47% reduction inTRANE package basedair conditioning related energy consumption at the McDonald McGraths Hill outlet in ... Read More

Macau - Serving 'The Art of Cool™' in a Telecommunications Environment

01 Jun 2013
Having reliable equipment is of critical importance to any telecommunications provider. COOLNOMIX® is helping CTM (Companhia de Telecomunicacoes de Macau S.A.R.L) to reduce Daikin air-conditioning ... Read More

40% Energy Savings! Cooling the Books in Hong Kong

01 Jun 2013
With over 25,000 volumes The Helena May ( has one of the finest English language libraries in Hong Kong. This library requires their Daikin air-conditioning units to work on a 24 x ... Read More

Shine and Shine, Hong Kong

10 Dec 2012
Following the installation of our COOLNOMIX® AC-01 control system on a large 750 ft. walk-in refrigeration unit they were delighted to report a 44% reduction in ongoing running costs. They also report ... Read More