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ASM Pacific Technology: saving money and improving green credentials with COOLNOMIX®

10 June 2015

ASM Pacific Technology ( is a world-leader in the provision of high technology automation solutions for the global microelectronics industry. And they’re a company that takes their Corporate Social Responsibility seriously, running multiple CSR programmes including those targeted at protection of the environment.

In what were the most rigorous tests of COOLNOMIX® so far conducted, in summer 2013 in Hong Kong, the ASM Pacific Technology team recorded savings delivered on their 30hp Mitsubishi Package AC units of 33.85%.

Following on from deployment of COOLNOMIX® in their facilities and enjoying astonishing cost and energy savings as a consequence, ASM Pacific Technology cite adoption of COOLNOMIX® as one of their Global-warming Gas Reduction initiatives within their CSR responsibilities to the Environment:

ASM - CSR [cited Jun 10, 2015]

Not only are ASM Pacific Technology enjoying what they describe as proven cost and energy savings on their production facility air-conditioning units of 30%, COOLNOMIX® is also helping ASM Pacific Technology’s green credentials.

This is further significant confirmation of COOLNOMIX®’s progress across nearly 30 countries in which we are achieving average savings of 40% on air-conditioners and 30% on refrigerators.

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