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COOLNOMIX®: winner of Royal Bank of Scotland competition

13 August 2015

COOLNOMIX Cool News - COOLNOMIX: winner of Royal Bank of Scotland competition

Under the stewardship of Peace Marsh Renewables (see and, COOLNOMIX® is one of 7 winners out of 107 submissions to Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) Gogarburn Innovation Challenge.

As a result of this COOLNOMIX® will now be installed at RBS’s global headquarters in Scotland leading to a potential rollout of COOLNOMIX® across 2,500 RBS properties in the UK.

The Gogarburn Innovation Challenge ( plays an integral part in the regeneration project of RBS’s global headquarters. And it is a platform for successful innovations becoming standard deployments in RBS Estate.

This represents another milestone in COOLNOMIX®’s progress in more than 30 countries worldwide, in all of which the average savings being delivered are:

  • 40% on air-conditioners of any kind and any size in commercial and industrial sectors
  • 30% on refrigeration systems used in manufacturing, retail and F&B

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