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24 February 2021


With COOLNOMIX® being used on more and more cooling systems as an energy saving tool around the world, our design team has designed a new chip that can monitor and control COOLNOMIX® as well as upgrade its firmware.


The new chip called COOLNOMIX® CONNECT is a board level insert that plugs into the six pins next to the COOLNOMIX® dipswitches and connects via Bluetooth to an android device. CONNECT enables real time monitoring of COOLNOMIX® by displaying important parameters such as the return and supply air temperature, the operating mode as well as the relays position. Apart from monitoring, CONNECT can also adjust the setpoint, enable and disable savings as well as start test runs and savings checks. In addition, CONNECT can log the data that COOLNOMIX® measures which can later be analysed on excel. Recently, our design team has developed a new version of CONNECT which can upgrade the firmware of COOLNOMIX® to the latest version of firmware which is currently version 5.12.


Overall, CONNECT is a simple device that helps control, monitor and analyse the various parameters of COOLNOMIX® and makes firmware upgrading easy and convenient allowing users to get the maximum energy savings and benefits from COOLNOMIX®


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