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COOLNOMIX® - The Road Forward

15 November 2021

COOLNOMIX Cool News - COOLNOMIX - The Road Forward

Since its launch in 2012 COOLNOMIX® has developed an enviable reputation as an internationally patented retrofit solution for energy and carbon footprint reduction in cooling systems. With 30% average savings and an easy to install footprint COOLNOMIX® delivered savings are almost 3 times those of modern LED lighting systems.

Globally, air conditioning and cooling systems are set to grow at almost 40% per annum; this in an area that can account for fully 70% of total energy consumption. With the increasing focus on reducing the impact of climate change we now have a US patent for energy saving in building and district cooling and climate management areas. An Internet of things (IoT) based COOLNOMIX® solution is now under development for this area.

As an indication of the priority given to energy reduction and a recognition of COOLNOMIX®  as a ready solution we are pleased to confirm that our existing and prospective client base includes (in alphabetical order) 7-Eleven, Ayala Land, Bank of America, Banco Columbia, Circle K, Cognizant, EXL, Google, HGC, HSBC, Hong Kong Broadband Network, ING, Jollibee, McDonald’s, Merck, Microsoft, Nestlé, Singapore Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, Tetra Pak and Wellcome – among many others.

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