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COOLNOMIX® - Breaking the Ice with a new Freezer Technology

07 January 2022

COOLNOMIX Cool News - COOLNOMIX - Breaking the Ice with a new Freezer Technology

With more than 20,000 COOLNOMIX® air-conditioning and refrigeration systems in operation many of our distribution partners in 36 countries worldwide have been requesting an energy and carbon footprint reducing deep-freeze solution. Until recently our technical people have been experimenting with sub zero temperature solutions with mixed results, due in the main to humidity related icing. 

With refrigeration chillers operating above 0°C (32°F) our COOLNOMIX® design effectively removes the need for deicing - a major energy consuming requirement - in all environments. However, particularly under high humidity conditions the need for energy intensive deicing cannot be avoided in deep-freeze environments working at -18°C (0°F) or below where cooling power consumption requirements are extremely high.

Recently, working in large 50 m x 30 m walk in refrigeration units operating at 0°F (-18°C) our COOLNOMIX® design team have achieved a breakthrough with energy-saving results of 10-15% when operating with even the most modern multi compressor and electronic expansion valve (EEV) equipped freezers. Although these results are lower than the 20-30% typical savings we achieve at higher temperatures the energy and carbon footprint reduction delivered by our new COOLNOMIX® Advanced Freezer AF-01 design is well positioned to satisfy even the most demanding industrial client requirements.

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