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COOLNOMIX®: Shedding light on the value of air-conditioning energy savings

20 January 2022

Put simply, COOLNOMIX® with air-conditioning can deliver almost 3 times the energy and cost savings compared with switching to LED lighting. 

The economics are compelling. The great news is that LEDs use about 85% less energy than conventional lighting. However, as lighting only accounts for about 10% of energy usage in most commercial environments the overall impact is an energy reduction of 8.5% (85% times 10%). In addition, LED conversions are costly to install meaning that project payback times can be rather long.

By contrast, air-conditioning can account for around 70% of total energy costs. COOLNOMIX®, in working with well maintained air-conditioning systems typically delivers savings of 30% while ensuring that comfort levels are not impacted. As a result, COOLNOMIX® can deliver an overall energy and cost saving of 21% (70% times 30%).

In summary, COOLNOMIX® is a relatively low cost and easy to install solution when considering your energy and cost savings priorities.

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COOLNOMIX Cool News - COOLNOMIX: Shedding light on the value of air-conditioning energy savings

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