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Reducing Electricity Consumption by 30%, HK3030 and COOLNOMIX®

27 August 2013

COOLNOMIX Cool News - Reducing Electricity Consumption by 30%, HK3030 and COOLNOMIX

The Hong Kong Green Building Council has set an ambitious target of reducing by 30% the absolute consumption of electricity used in buildings by 2030 as compared to 2005 levels.

The campaign has been named HK3030 and immediately sets Hong Kong apart from other global, leading financial and trade centres. See for details of this laudable initiative. Agile8 applauds this ambition not least because it resonates strongly with our own objective for COOLNOMIX® to reduce worldwide running costs of refrigerant based cooling and heating systems by 30%.


Organisations in Hong Kong are already taking steps towards HK3030 through deployment of COOLNOMIX® right now. In many cases, such organisations have air-conditioning consuming about 60% of their total electricity costs and with COOLNOMIX®'s average achieved energy savings for air-conditioners at over 40%, they are taking giant steps towards reaching HK3030 early with an immediate 24% reduction in energy consumption.

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