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Climate Summit 2014: How COOLNOMIX® Can Help

24 September 2014

COOLNOMIX Cool News - Climate Summit 2014: How COOLNOMIX Can Help

The Climate Summit 2014, organised by the UN, is the largest ever gathering of world leaders to address what the UN has warned are the “severe, pervasive and irreversible” impacts of climate change on issues “such as sea level rises, greater flood risks and changes to crop yields” (

Commentators generally believe governments worldwide lag the pressing needs for action and the recent worldwide rallies that preceded the Climate Summit ( indicate that many people are feeling frustrated at their inaction.

COOLNOMIX® provides a very significant opportunity towards addressing the climate’s pressing needs. How? Worldwide results from deployment of COOLNOMIX® are delivering average savings of:

  • 40% on air-conditioners
  • 30% on refrigerators

The cost savings that can be enjoyed from such savings are substantial. But these savings also indicate COOLNOMIX® can make a very significant contribution towards reduction of the harmful emissions from fossil fuels used for electricity production. What these savings illustrate is that the worldwide installed base of air-conditioners and refrigerators are wasting substantial energy: for every 100 tonnes of fossil fuels used on generating electricity for cooling systems, between 30 to 40 tonnes are burned unnecessarily!

What does this mean in terms of total wastage? Let’s take Hong Kong as an example and focus on the commercial sector, in particular. Of all electricity consumed in Hong Kong, 66% is used by the commercial sector, of which 35% is for cooling systems (Hong Kong End-Use Data 2011 (EMSD, Sep 2013), the latest available data):


Now, if we assume COOLNOMIX® delivers only 35% savings across all cooling systems in the commercial sector, then the fossil fuels burned unnecessarily for such cooling systems amounts to 12% of the total electricity consumption by that sector:


This kind of analysis can be applied to all other sectors of electricity consumption and to all geographies. And the irrefutable conclusion deriving from such analysis is that COOLNOMIX® does provide a very significant opportunity towards addressing the climate’s pressing needs.

Every time you deploy COOLNOMIX®, you are helping the world and saving wasted money.

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