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How COOLNOMIX® can meet and surpass Clean Energy Ministerial’s goals

15 June 2016

In early June 2016, Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) launched campaigns designed to implement UN COP21 goals published in December 2015. At the heart of this work is the adoption of better energy efficient air-conditioners that can improve performance by 30%. CEM foresees such air-conditioners enabling the reduction of peak electricity demand by as much as 340-790 gigawatts. Millions of dollars of funding have been committed to achieving this goal (see

Yet the technology is already there to meet and surpass these objectives. Deployment of Agile8’s worldwide patented Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS®) into the very latest and most efficient air-conditioners on factory floors would improve their efficiency by 30-40%!

Not only this, the deployment of ORS® into COOLNOMIX® means the existing worldwide deployment of air-conditioners can be rendered an average of 40% more efficient before their end of life.

These results are proven from 1,000’s of retrofitted COOLNOMIX® units in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Tell your colleagues, friends, family and politicians about this!

The Clean Energy Ministerial ( is a global forum to promote policies and share best practices to accelerate the global transition to clean energy.

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COOLNOMIX Cool News - How COOLNOMIX can meet and surpass Clean Energy Ministerial’s goals

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