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Major Brazil drugstore chain goes green with COOLNOMIX®

22 September 2017

COOLNOMIX Cool News - Major Brazil drugstore chain goes green with COOLNOMIX

Building on the COOLNOMIX® energy saving success with the MANNINGS drugstore chain in Hong Kong we are delighted that our distribution partners E3Brasil are helping with a similar pharmacy energy reduction project in Brazil.

With 1,009 retail outlets, a presence in all 27 states and an impressive range of pharmacy, beauty and lifestyle products, Pague Menos Group is the third largest drugstore chain in Brazil. Pague Menos ("low-cost" in English) is committed to serving all part of the community in Brazil. However, in common with all retail businesses margins are continually under pressure and the Group was seeking opportunities to reduce operating costs.

Happily, E3Brasil were able to demonstrate average air conditioning savings of 25% in trials carried out in a number of Pague Menos retail outlets. As a result, the Group has decided to install COOLNOMIX® energy saving systems at all of its retail outlets and the anticipated results look very impressive indeed:

  • Number of sites: 1,009
  • Number of air conditioning systems / COOLNOMIX® units: 3,400
  • Current electricity bill: USD 1.45 million per month (USD 17.4 million per annum)
  • COOLNOMIX® delivered air conditioning energy savings: 25% (18% of the total electricty bill)
  • Anticipated annual COOLNOMIX® delivered energy savings: USD 3.132 million.

Even if electricity prices remain static (something that has not happened historically) E3Brasil believe that Pague Menos Group can expect more than USD 30 million in energy savings over the projected 10 year life of their COOLNOMIX® units.

We wish Pague Menos Group and our E3Brasil distribution partners every success in delivering what appears to be a great investment in shareholder value creation, service to the community and carbon footprint reduction.

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