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COOLNOMIX® in Banking - A New Kind of Savings Account

20 March 2018

COOLNOMIX Cool News - COOLNOMIX in Banking - A New Kind of Savings Account

We are delighted to confirm that over the last 2 years we have been equipping air conditioning systems at Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) outlets in Asia with our unique, internationally patented COOLNOMIX® energy-saving units. In fact, COOLNOMIX® is now in operation at all DX* equipped HSBC branches in Hong Kong, Singapore Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Manila (Philippines). More HSBC Asia-based rollouts are planned.

Through a simple to install, low capital outlay design COOLNOMIX® delivers unrivalled average energy savings of about 30%. In banking environments, where air conditioning can account for up to 70% of the total electricity bill, the net result is an overall reduction of about 20% in total electricity charges. While introducing a new kind of Energy Savings Account, this COOLNOMIX®delivered operating cost reduction - most of it on modern commercial air conditioning systems - is almost 3 times that achieved when installing LED lighting, which itself is highly capital intensive.

A bit of icing on the cake is that COOLNOMIX® improves temperature stability while delivering these astonishing energy savings. Within banking environments this allows customers and staff to keep cool heads while arranging the largest and most complex financial transactions.

Although at earlier stages of development, other COOLNOMIX® banking customers and trial sites include RBS and NatWest (UK), Santander Bank (Brazil), UOB Bank (Thailand), Westpac (Australia) and Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Esun Bank, Bank Sinopac, and Taishin International bank (Taiwan).

*DX, or Double Expansion air conditioning systems are those in which a refrigerant is used to cool the air directly.

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