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Energy Optimization versus Energy Savings. The COOLNOMIX® advantage is in having two sensors

28 May 2018

We are often asked about the difference between energy optimization and energy savings in air conditioning and refrigeration and the answer is quite simple.

Energy optimization should have a first priority on maintaining comfort levels/room temperatures while fine tuning the performance of your cooling systems to achieve energy savings. COOLNOMIX® achieves this using an interplay between two temperature sensors; with one sensor managing the room temperature or return air going back into your indoor unit while the other sensor monitors the behavior of the cold air entering the room. The result is better temperature control along with savings of 30% or more. For those of you who are technically minded you can look up the US patent for our third generation approach – see US 9,664,426 B2 dated May 30,2017.

By contrast, energy saving devices typically use the detection of a minimum cold supply air temperature to stop your compressor and its supply of cooling. The problem is that these first generation energy saving units (examples include Aircosaver - Germany, BEST ACES - UK, Enisaver - India, and Smartcool - Canada) fundamentally lack a facility to maintain comfort levels because room temperatures are not being measured. Single sensor designs undoubtedly save energy. However, in the absence of room temperature monitoring significant problems can arise if a single sensor is allowed to trigger a cooling off command. Specifically:

  • The initial cool down process can take longer due to compressor stops, and
  • Under high heat loads (e.g. direct sunlight or a room full of people) the room temperature will rise – thermal runaway.

Like its first generation counterparts COOLNOMIX® also uses the detection of a minimum cold supply air temperature as the potential ‘trigger’ for a cooling off cycle. However, the second COOLNOMIX® room temperature/return air sensor prevents any energy savings until our artificial intelligence based decision system is happy that comfort levels have been achieved.

Happily, the result is energy optimization: a unique combination of improved room temperature control and outstanding energy savings.

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COOLNOMIX Cool News - Energy Optimization versus Energy Savings. The COOLNOMIX advantage is in having two sensors

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