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COOLNOMIX® goes medical. Reducing energy costs at a world class neurological hospital

04 July 2018

COOLNOMIX Cool News - COOLNOMIX goes medical. Reducing energy costs at a world class neurological hospital

During this month of July we thought we would celebrate some of the great COOLNOMIX® successes achieved by Agile8 and our distribution partners in India.

The Citi Neuro Centre (CNC) in Hyderabad has an enviable international reputation in the successful diagnosis, surgical remediation and treatment of a broad range of brain and nervous system disorders. Supported by a high-tech environment that includes robotic systems the world class medical team at CNC is dedicated to optimise patient recovery and minimise neurological complications.

At the invitation of CNC Hospital Management, Mugdha Powersystems installed COOLNOMIX® energy optimization thermostats to work with a large 20 ton state-of-the-art, dual compressor inverter-based variable refrigerant volume (VRV) air conditioning unit manufactured by Daikin of Japan. Subsequent to the installation a joint measurement and verification exercise by Mugdha Powersystems and CNC Hospital Management confirmed excellent temperature stability and savings of 26% delivered by 13 COOLNOMIX® units working in this multi-split air conditioning environment.

A comment from our Managing Consultant with Agile8 in India: "Many of our competitors cut into the control line to stop what should be a variable speed inverter powered compressor. This is definitely bad surgery and may well impact warranty aspects. By contrast, COOLNOMIX® is an AI-based intelligent thermostat which works with the manufacturer provided control system to further enhance the energy consumption, temperature stability and performance of efficient, variable speed inverter based technologies."

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