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COOLNOMIX® in Refrigeration. Lettuce Play

29 March 2019

COOLNOMIX Cool News - COOLNOMIX in Refrigeration. Lettuce Play

When it comes to refrigeration plays they don't come much bigger than this lettuce storage facility in Western Australia.

Thanks to work by Green Choice Electrical, our Perth based distribution partner this 
COOLNOMIX customer will now see the benefit of better temperature control along with energy savings in this large, dual industrial compressor drive in refrigeration facility. In fact, using COOLNOMIX the temperature stability within this large refrigeration unit has improved by 50%. In addition, COOLNOMIX completely removes the need for periodic deicing of the indoor fan units. With a temperature range of 3.0°C +/- 0.5°C this is cool by any standards but perfect for a well-cared for lettuce crop.


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