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Finding Kindred Spirits in the Quest to Avoid Global Warming

28 August 2019

COOLNOMIX Cool News - Finding Kindred Spirits in the Quest to Avoid Global Warming

Finding Kindred Spirits in the Quest to Avoid Global Warming 

With COOLNOMIX we are proud of our track record over the last 7 years in delivering average energy savings of 30% on all kinds of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. 
Of course, the challenge to date in a market full of highly suspect so-called energy-saving "solutions" has rightly been one of credibility and to this end we and our distribution partners worldwide have had to put a lot of effort into measurement and verification testing. Happily, with the launch of our Bluetooth "seeing is believing" 
COOLNOMIX CONNECT® solution we can now show the actual percentage energy savings on demand and in real time on android-based smartphones and tablets. 
As air-conditioning is rapidly emerging as one of the the major contributors to global warming we look forward over time to engaging with concern groups to point out through government that the flipside of our 30% savings story is that all manufacturers need to seriously up their game to avoid this level of energy wastage.
We remain indebted to publications like the Economist who point out the enormous and growing threat of air-conditioning demand to our fragile planet. In a small way we continue with our quest to reduce global energy consumption in cooling systems by 30% through use of our 
COOLNOMIX technology. In supporting this quest this article by Quartz is worth reading: 
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