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COOLNOMIX®: An HVAC Tool that Delivers

01 March 2020

COOLNOMIX Cool News - COOLNOMIX: An HVAC Tool that Delivers

COOLNOMIX® is being used worldwide as an energy optimisation tool, with average energy savings of 30% or more. However, COOLNOMIX® also helps HVAC operations people in dealing with a serious issue seen in older and less well-managed units: ICING.

Refrigeration units in particular frequently ice up in poorly managed environments (e.g. doors left open), if the units is undersized or operating in very hot conditions. In such situations the icing effect is often triggered by a combination of the compressor running for a long time with high humidity and debris on the indoor evaporator coil. With this combination the reduced airflow causes ice to form in a low airflow area. As the ice itself causes a further reduction in airflow the icing can progress across the whole evaporator coil leading to a complete loss of airflow. 

In such an extreme icing situation the net result is that the compressor continues to run leading to an increase in energy consumption. In addition, the environment is no longer being cooled, leading to refrigeration product loss or food health and safety issues. With air-conditioning the reduction in airflow through the indoor evaporator will cause the room temperature to become unacceptably hot.

Happily, COOLNOMIX® prevents icing by regularly injecting a "no cooling required" signal into the cooling equipment. This has the effect of melting any ice formation for each and every compressor cooling cycle.

All in all, COOLNOMIX® is a great investment to consider in situations where HVAC tools and HVAC cost reduction are a priority.


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