Energy savings for refrigeration and air conditioning

COOLNOMIX® the superb energy saver for refrigeration and air conditioning systems

COOLNOMIX® is an easy to fit, AI based intelligent energy optimisation thermostat for commercial direct expansion (DX) based air conditioning and refrigeration systems. In operation COOLNOMIX® delivers:

  • Excellent temperature stability. COOLNOMIX responds dynamically to any change in heat load.
  • Outstanding energy savings, even on the largest, most modern inverter based cooling technologies.
  • A rapid return on investment. Paybacks are typically within 18 months.
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COOLNOMIX - Energy Optimzation

COOLNOMIX - Energy Optimzation

Products to save you energy and money

With COOLNOMIX® you get great products that reduce energy wastage in cooling systems, save the environment and reduce your electricity charges:

  • COOLNOMIX® AC-01® - For air conditioning. Average energy savings of 40%* for commercial and residential customers.
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  • COOLNOMIX® AR-01® - For refrigeration. Average savings of 30%* across manufacturing, F&B and retail sectors.
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  • More COOLNOMIX® products about to be launched in 2019 - watch this space.
Note*: When installed by qualified technicians on well sized and properly maintained cooling systems.

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COOLNOMIX - Energy Optimzation

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We launched as a British designed and Hong Kong developed air-conditioning energy and carbon footprint reduction technology in 2012. In operation COOLNOMIX® works with each aircon manufacturers ...
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