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The Global Energy Management Service (GEMS) is a specialized platform designed specifically for the AC-01, AC-02, AR-01, and AF-01 systems, aiming to enhance remote access and management of COOLNOMIX units

Key Features and Benefits of GEMS:

Connectivity Options

GEMS enables remote access to COOLNOMIX units via IoT, WIFI, and AWS, providing versatile connectivity options for users.

Multi-Device Accessibility

Accessible on Android-based tablets/mobile phones and PC (MAC-OS & Windows-OS), ensuring flexibility and convenience in monitoring and controlling COOLNOMIX units from various devices.

Simplified Setup

Offers a straightforward WIFI setup process for all COOLNOMIX units, streamlining the installation and integration with the GEMS platform.

Cost-Effective Service

GEMS is available at a unit cost per annum, allowing users to access its comprehensive functionalities at an affordable annual rate.

Functional Capabilities

Enables users to access individual units, identify model types, verify firmware versions, check mode and compressor statuses, visualize set point performance, and view alarm statuses

How GEMS work

GEMS operates as a centralized management platform specifically designed for the AC-01, AC-02, AR-01, and AF-01 systems. It establishes a bridge between COOLNOMIX units and users by utilizing various connectivity options such as IoT, WIFI, and AWS.

Upon installation and setup, GEMS establishes a connection with the COOLNOMIX units, enabling users to remotely access and control them from Android-based devices or PCs running MAC-OS or Windows-OS.

Through GEMS, users can access detailed information about their COOLNOMIX units, monitor their performance, manage operational modes, and receive alerts or notifications for maintenance or system issues.

The installation process involves setting up GEMS to communicate with the COOLNOMIX units via the available connectivity options (IoT, WIFI, or AWS). This typically requires following the provided guidelines for connecting and configuring the system, including setting up WIFI connectivity and registering devices on the platform.

Compatibility is primarily designed for COOLNOMIX units, specifically the AC-01, AC-02, AR-01, and AF-01 systems. Additionally, GEMS is compatible with Android-based tablets/mobile phones and PCs running MAC-OS or Windows-OS.

To ensure successful installation, users should follow the provided instructions, which may include software installation on compatible devices, connecting the COOLNOMIX units to the established network, and verifying connectivity and data access through the GEMS platform.

Overall, GEMS simplifies monitoring, control, and management of COOLNOMIX units by providing a user-friendly interface, multiple connectivity options, and a comprehensive set of functionalities to optimize energy efficiency and system performance.