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AR-01 empowers companies to achieve substantial operating cost reductions by an average 20% in their compressor-based refrigeration systems, whether they are new installations or retrofits on existing equipments. 


  • For refrigeration / cool rooms operations between 0°C to 15°C (32°F to 59°F).
  • ROI generally within 12 months
  • Allows for CONNECT (local Bluetooth linkage) and GEMS (remote IoT dashboard connectivity)
  • Contributing to ESG commitments and CO2 reductions.


Unmatched Energy Savings

Reduce operating costs by an average 20%, enhancing your bottom line

Enhanced Temperature Stability

US FDA recommends foodstuff temperature storage at or below 4° C (40° F), we help you adhere to rigorous food storage standards

ESG Commitment Fulfillment

Contribute to sustainability goals by significantly decreasing your carbon footprint


Refrigeration Units/Chiller Rooms 
 temperature range of 0°C to 15°C (32°F to 59°F)

Pharmaceutical and Medical settings

Perishable goods storage

By choosing our innovative technology, you not only enjoy significant savings but also make strides in fulfilling your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments, effectively reducing your carbon footprint