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AF-01 is your trusted solution for optimizing the performance of commercial and industrial deep freezer rooms. 

Whether they are modular or walk-in types, we offer precise temperature control in the demanding range of -25°C to -10°C (-13°F to 14°F). AF-01 offers a solid 20% savings, providing a practical and cost-effective solution.


Deep Freezer Precision

 Our solution ensures that the temperature in your deep freezer rooms remains impeccably controlled, guaranteeing the preservation of your valuable assets.

Perfect for Challenging Environments

Designed to excel in the most demanding settings, COOLNOMIX is ideal for various industries

Zero maintenance required

Once set up, it operates autonomously without necessitating ongoing upkeep, allowing users to focus on tasks without worrying about system maintenance


  • For deep freezer rooms operating between -10°C to -25°C (14°F to -13°F).
  • ROI generally within 12 months
  • Allows for CONNECT (local Bluetooth linkage) and GEMS (remote IoT dashboard connectivity)
  • Contributing to ESG commitments and CO2 reductions.


Pharmaceutical and Medical storage(Long Term)

Long term Foodstuff storage

With advanced connectivity options, including local Bluetooth and remote IoT monitoring through GEMS, COOLNOMIX️ guarantees real-time control and monitoring for optimized performance