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Enhancing Heating Mode Efficiency

CLIMATEMIND is an exclusive add-on extension compatible with COOLNOMIX AC-01 (CONNECT32 system only). Designed to optimize energy consumption during heating mode operations, CLIMATEMIND revolutionizes efficiency by continuously monitoring and analyzing temperature parameters in dual cycle AC systems

Key Features and Benefits of CLIMATEMIND

Real-time Adjustments

CLIMATEMIND constantly evaluates temperature variables, allowing for instantaneous adjustments, ensuring optimal performance during heating cycles.

Dual Cycle AC Compatibility

Tailored for dual cycle AC systems operating within the range of 16°C to 31°C (61°F to 88°F), ensuring maximum efficiency in diverse environments.

Environmental Impact

Available at a fixed, one-off price, ensuring cost-effectiveness and lasting benefits without recurring expenses.

20% Average Savings

Experience an impressive average reduction of 20% in heating cycles, contributing significantly to energy conservation and cost efficiency.

Environmental Impact

By curbing heating energy usage, CLIMATEMIND actively contributes to CO2 reduction, aligning with eco-friendly initiatives.

CLIMATEMIND integrates seamlessly with COOLNOMIX AC-01, leveraging advanced algorithms to analyze temperature data. Through real-time adjustments and continuous monitoring, it fine-tunes heating operations, optimizing energy use while maintaining optimal comfort levels. Compatible exclusively with the COOLNOMIX AC-01 system equipped with CONNECT32 technology, installation of CLIMATEMIND is straightforward and hassle-free. Its seamless integration augments the capabilities of your existing system, enhancing efficiency without the need for significant alterations.

Join the Movement Towards Sustainable Heating

With CLIMATEMIND, take a significant step towards energy conservation and environmental responsibility. Enhance the efficiency of your heating cycles while reducing operational costs, all within a single, accessible add-on solution.

Note: CLIMATEMIND requires COOLNOMIX AC-01 with CONNECT32 system compatibility for optimal functionality.

Invest in CLIMATEMIND today and elevate your heating efficiency to new heights!