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COMSYS trial Tokyo


Systems Green provides solutions and services tolower clients’ energy operating costs, while improving sustainability and simplifying administration. Based in Tokyo, we pro actively identify “best in class”solutions, disruptive technology and innovative business models both locally and from around the world,and seamlessly supplythese–directly and viaour partners, both in Japan and elsewhere–to customers looking to achieve their energy management and CSRgoals.We strive to simplify the myriad of energy options available and facilitate energy decision- making which is both financially savvy and ethically responsible.


AC Energy Savings Case Study: Nippon Comsys Corp 


Nippon Comsys Corp Profile


Japan’s largest telecom engineering, equipment construction and installation contractor, serving NTT, DoCoMo, etc. Also provides IT solutions, and develops various social infrastructure. 

Subsidiaries:17 companies
Annual Sales:JPY210bn
Parent Co Stock Info:TSE1 #1721 (ComsysHoldings)
Parent Co Market Cap:JPY270bn

Pilot Testing Parameters

AC Type:

Mitsubishi Electric – City Mult iVRF System ODU: PUHY-P335SDMG1-BSG, IDU: PLFY-P140BMG1

Units Installed:15 Coolnomix AC-01on15IDUs
Installation Company:Comsys Net KK
Thermostat Setting:25°C
Baseline Period:July 16th-Aug 5th (3weeks)
Pilot Period:Aug 6th – 26th (3weeks)
Measurement Methodology:

Sub-meter attached to the Out-Door Unit(ODU) of the AC for each of the 7th and 8th floors–of an 8 story building.

Pre-Coolnomix Baseline

After Coolnomix Installation

Coolnomix achieves c. 40% reduction from predicted 8F consumption, and >14% less than 7F