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COOLNOMIX TRIAL 2 REPORT Trifactor Trinidad&Tobago NOV22

Introduction Trifactor Technical Sales and Services Limited (TRIFACTOR) is a sales and services company  established to provide products and services that support the maintenance and construction  activities of customers in the petrochemical, refining, steel, oil and gas, commercial,  manufacturing, industrial and renewable energy sectors.   Our people have over twenty‐two (22) years of experience in the…

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JLL MERK KGaA Final Presentation (25 April 2023) no end user price

Most air-conditioning systems waste energy because they needlessly overrun the unit’s compressor. In simple terms COOLNOMIX® is an AI-driven thermostat that seeks to optimize the usage of AC compressor running times, whilst primarily maintaining the desired temperature levels. This is achieved by installing two temperature sensors (return and cold supply points) to feed the information…

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The Second of December School_Coolnomix Case Study

Coolnomix Reducing Air-Conditioning Energy Costs upto 40% COOLNOMIX® utilizes innovative energy optimization technology to enable a significant savings on Split, Package, Inverter and VRV/VRF air conditioning system without compromising on user comfort. In addition to the traditional feedback control from the thermostat, COOLNOMIX® also monitors the temperature of indoor unit coil temperature. This enables the…

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Executive Summary This report refers to the performance trial of Coolnomix® energy saving optimizer for air conditioning unit undertaken at Safaricom base station in Rongai (13761_NE_NM1353- Nkoroi_OUTE_MGF).  The purpose of this trial was to perform a proof of concept and demonstrate that Coolnomix® can deliver energy savings of not less than 15% of the baseline…

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