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Oscar Mayer


Reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioning and refrigeration without affecting the output you need. Our technology is maintenance free and can be easily installed by our qualified engineers with no disruption to your operation. You can expect up to 40% energy saving on your air-conditioning and up to 30% on your refrigeration.

We keep your people, equipment and produce cool, and your energy budget from overheating


Oscar Mayer specialise in making and developing retailer labelled prepared foods for the top UK grocery retailers across four sites in the UK. Their clients include Asda, Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Waitrose, Morrisons, Tesco, Aldi, Greggs, Subway and more leading brands.

They have key sustainability requirements including reducing the energy usage of their factories to improve the environmental sustainability of their business and the products they produce.


The purpose of the trial was ‘proof of concept’ and to identify the potential for reducing both carbon emissions and direct energy consumption with the installation of COOLNOMIX – a unique patented intelligent thermostat. Emissis carried out a 15-day trial on ‘Fridge 21’ located in one of the food preparation areas of Oscar Mayer, Chard, Somerset.

Emissis and exclusive partner Clear Energy carried out a 46.5- day trial on three air-conditioning units at the Cartegena branch,  Colombia. 


On the 04/03/2020 a COOLNOMIX unit was installed and connected to an internal cooler in Fridge 21. The cooling system was supplied by Coolers and Condensers Ltd.

To measure the energy consumed by the cooler an MID smart meter, with remote connectivity, was connected to the external condenser.

Data recording commenced at 00:02 on the 05/03/2020. COOLNOMIX was operational until 13/03/2020 (8 days) at
which time it was turned OFF 13/03/2020.

COOLNOMIX was bypassed (turned off) and the cooling systems operated as ‘normal’ for 7 days until 20/03/2020.
During the 15-day trial, the metered half-hourly and 4-hourly data was collected and analysed



COOLNOMIX active (ON) reduced daily energy
consumption by 26.1%, (see Figure 1), providing a reduction of 8.3kWh per day.

This saving is based on using 200.4kWh over 204 hours with COOLNOMIX active (ON) and 204.2 kWh over 152 hours with COOLNOMIX
inactive (OFF).


The calculated 8.3kWh daily saving with
COOLNOMIX equates to annual energy
savings of 3,029.5kWh (see Figure 2) which is
equivalent to a carbon emissions reduction of
863kg CO2.

The annual savings were calculated on an average daily consumption showing:

COOLNOMIX (ON) consumption averages
23.5kWh COOLNOMIX (OFF) consumption averages 31.9kWh.

COOLNOMIX will reduce your carbon emissions by 863kg per annum


One COOLNOMIX unit was installed and the data proved the technology’s worth against just one cooler in Fridge 21 at the Chard site. Full rollout across the entire estate’s fridges, at the four UK operational sites, COOLNOMIX would reduce carbon emissions by 388.3tn CO2 and reduce energy consumption by 1,363MWh; equating to a cash saving of £231,759 at today’s electricity supply price with a payback of 12 months.

Over 10 years Oscar Mayer would achieve:

CO2 reduction : 3,883tn                                  Electricity reduction : 13.63GWh

Rental Option

Off balance sheet – zero deposit

Monthly figures:

Saving £42.92 per device
Rental from £12 per device
Net benefit £30.92 per device

Rollout across 4 sites:

Monthly benefit £13,914
Annual net benefit £166,968