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Côte Brasserie – Chiller Report OCT23


Reduce then energy consumption of your air conditioning and refrigeration, without affecting the output you need. Our technology is maintenance free and can be easily installed by our qualified engineers with no disruption to your operation. We keep your people, equipment and produce cool and your energy budget from overheating.


Côte Brasserie is a French style British restaurant chain, with over 84 restaurants around the UK. They are members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association and continually find new ways to become a more sustainable restaurant.

Trial overview

Coolnomix units were installed and connected to 5 units; three chiller rooms and two freezer rooms

In order to accurately measure the kWh consumption of the unit, a smart meter was connected to the external condenser of the units.

The 5 coolnomix units were installed and activated at the beginning of October 2023, set to run in weekly cycles of Coolnomix OFF, followed by Coolnomix ON. Following the first OFF week, we revisited site on the 16th October to configure the wifi sensor, allowing us to monitor the temperature of the three chiller rooms. We also turned Coolnomix to work in full ON mode from this point. Further visits were performed to ensure the configuration of the units were set correctly, which was achieved on 30th October. As such, we have omitted the other two weeks of ON data, as data from the 30th onwards is the reliable ON data.

During the pilot, the metered half hourly data has been downloaded and analysed. The data shows that the units appear to be running constantly.


Coolnomix active (ON) reduced daily energy consumption by 28%, reducing the kWh consumption across the 5 pilot units by 85.00 kWh per day.

This saving is based on average daily consumption of electricity with Coolnomix ON and Coolnomix OFF over the trial period

Consumption across the 5 unit pack per day (kWh)

Annualised energy reduction & savings forecast per unit

Temperature ranges over the duration of the pilot

Butchery – Dry Age Chiller

Finished Goods

Veg Chiller


The pilot accurately confirms energy savings for kWh and CO2 reductions with Coolnomix installed on the AC units. We are aware that site is currently paying 74p per kWh, however we have based these trial results on a conservative 31p per kWh. With the average electricity prices set to remain around or above 30p per kWh within the next few months and with further inflation forecast over the coming years, the savings model and Coolnomix payback period will only improve.

Spread over an estimated refrigeration and freezer estate across similar Côte Brasserie sites, consisting of 100 suitable units, the annualised benefits of installing Coolnomix based on these pilot results will be as follows:-

Energy Reduction & Savings Forecast, based on 100 individual Coolnomix units installations

Year 1

kWh (based on 17.00 kWh per day) = 620,500 kWh per year
CO2 saving = 128,489.42kg or 128.49 tonnes
Financial savings = £192,355.00

After 5 years

kWh = potentially over 3.1 million kWh saved
CO2 = 642+ tonnes saved
Financial savings = £960,000+ saved

After 10 years

kWh = potentially over 6.2 million kWh saved
CO2 = 1,284+ tonnes saved
Financial savings = £1.9 million+ saved

Note: Emissions factors for the CO2 calculation is based off the government figure of 0.207074 kg CO2e

On the conclusion of studies at site and detailed analysis on measurements, there is a 19.2 % savings with coolnomix controller.