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Reduce the energy consumption of your air-conditioning and refrigeration without affecting the output you need. Our technology is maintenance free and can be easily installed by our qualified engineers with no disruption to your operation. You can expect up to 30% on your refrigeration and up to 40% energy saving on your air-conditioning.

We keep your people, equipment and produce cool, and your energy budget from overheating


The forecourt operator comprises of a network of filling station (“PFS”) sites, each with its own convenience retail store and Food-to-Go concessions.


The purpose of the trial was ‘proof of concept’ and to identify the potential for reducing both carbon emissions and direct energy consumption with the installation of COOLNOMIX – a unique patented intelligent thermostat.

Emissis carried out an overall 60-day trial on two air-conditioning units, five multideck display units and one walk-in refrigerated storage unit at the Wakefield store.


To measure the energy consumed by the refrigeration and airconditioning, MID smart meters, with remote connectivity were connected to measure energy consumption.

REFRIGERATION TRIAL (Retail)| On the 01/03/2020 six AR01 COOLNOMIX devices were installed, five were connected to five multideck display units located in the main retail area. The sixth device was connected to the internal walk-in refrigerated storage unit located in the stores area at the rear of the building. Data recording commenced on the 01/03/2020. COOLNOMIX (ON) was operational for 602 hours (25.1 days). COOLNOMIX was bypassed (OFF) and the refrigeration units operated as ‘normal’ for 832 hours (34.7 days) until 29/04/2020.

During the 60-day trial, the metered half-hourly and 4-hourly data was collected and analysed.

AIR-CONDITIONING (Bakery)| On the 01/03/2020 two COOLNOMIX devices were installed and connected to two
internal ceiling mounted downflow AC units, located in the food preparation area and the service area. Data recording commenced on the 01/03/2020. COOLNOMIX (ON) was operational for 292 hours (12.2 days). COOLNOMIX was bypassed (OFF) and the air-conditioning operated as ‘normal’ for 164 hours (6.8 days) until 20/03/2020.

During the 19-day trial, the metered half-hourly and 4-hourly data was collected and analysed.



Retail’s daily refrigeration energy consumption
reduced by 30% (see Figure 1 in blue), with COOLNOMIX active (ON), providing a reduction of 37.4kWh per day.

This saving is based on using 2,232kWh over 602 hours with COOLNOMIX active (ON) and 4,384.1kWh over 832 hours with COOLNOMIX inactive (OFF).

Bakery’s daily AC energy consumption reduced by 43% (see Figure 1 in green) with COOLNOMIX active (ON), providing a reduction of 11.3kWh per day.

This saving is based on using 184.5kWh over 292 hours with COOLNOMIX active (ON) and 179.8kWh over 164 hours with COOLNOMIX inactive (OFF).


The combined calculated savings of 37.4kWh and
11.3kWh daily saving with COOLNOMIX installed
on Retail Refrigeration and Bakery AC, respectively, equates to annual energy savings of 17,786kWh (see Figure 2) which is equivalent to a carbon emissions reduction of 5,069kg of CO2.

The annual savings were calculated on average daily consumption showing:

Retail Refrigeration

COOLNOMIX (ON) consumption averages 89.1kWh COOLNOMIX (OFF) consumption averages 126.5kWh

Bakery Air-Conditioning

COOLNOMIX (ON) consumption averages 15.1kWh COOLNOMIX (OFF) consumption averages 26.4kWh

COOLNOMIX carbon emissions saving of 5,069kg of CO2 per annum


The trial test accurately proves the daily energy
savings with COOLNOMIX, allowing us to predict the annual carbon emissions reduction and the energy
savings plus the financial benefit. We have based
cost savings on the trial site’s electricity supply cost of £0.14 per kWh including any CCL.

The COOLNOMIX trial delivered a 30% and 43%
energy reduction in electricity consumption on
the retail refrigeration and the air-conditioning
(respectively); annualised this equates to a reduction, per forecourt site based on 8 COOLNOMIX devices installed (6 x AR-01 + 2 x AC01)

.• 17,786kWh
• 5,069kg of CO2


Full rollout across the 360 client UK sites would reduce carbon emissions by 1,824tn CO2 and reduce energy consumption by 6,402,960kWh; equating to a cash saving of £896,414 at today’s electricity supply price
with a payback of 20 months (all figures per annum).

Over 10 years the client would achieve:

CO2 reduction 

Electricity reduction
64,029,600 kWh